1. Rose Windows @ Hi tones in San Antonio Fri.13 2013

  2. Got to shoot my little brother in the face. Oh, that sounds weird. 

  3. Little Trip Downtown SA

  4. Aken Family Photos

  5. camping at garner state park.

  6. My girls going for a walk.  Shot with a canon 50mm f1.4

  7.  Good to see these guys. El Valiente from Madison, WI. Eric an old friend of mine. They can down and put on great show with our good buddies bands: Sohns and Grasshoppers Lies Heavy. Quite the wide spectrum of sound that came from each of the bands that night. Loud but fantastic.

    The Ten Eleven/Feb 01 2012

  8. Grasshoppers Lies heavy/El ten Eleven Feb 02 2011

  9. What?

  10. Sohns Show @ the Ten Eleven 01/13/12

  11. My morning cup of joe. Kinda wish we can skip thanksgiving and christmas this year. iPhone 4 (Taken with instagram)

  12. Wurstfest Drunk nite